- Annick de Lorme has been an importer of fine handcrafted Furniture since 1983.

- Maison Gatti , Since 1920, has been the leader in handmade Bistro Chairs,
with an incomparable essence of Parisian Romance.

Maison Gatti’s reputation and distinctive image are renowned worldwide.
Maison Gatti is the only Manufacturer whose specialty remains exclusively French Bistro Chairs.

Each piece of Maison Gatti is handcrafted by Artisans, whose skills are
passed from generation to generation through Maison Gatti

As French Bistro Chairs become more popular, there have been attempts
by others to copy our original Handmade Collection! But, there is no serious competition for
almost 100 years of experience and for genuine Maison Gatti quality and tradition!

Our entire collection is strong enough to withstand the rigors of
high-traffic restaurants, family kitchens and dining rooms.

Maison Gatti only use Rilsan to weave their collection.
Rilsan is not plastic; it is derived from The Castor Oil Plant.
Maison Gatti has a one price policy no matter the weave, color or custom seat height for our Bar Stools.

Our complete dedication to fine handcraftsmanship and Parisian Style is our way
of remaining true to our roots with a sense of living history and elegant tradition. – (212) 219 0447

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