Our Original Bistro Chairs, are entirely handcrafted to order in France, by Maison Gatti since 1920.

Rilsan is virtually unbreakable and perfectly stable.
Is remarkably resistant to ultra violet (sun) light, sea and mountain air and dry desert conditions.
Rilsan will only shatter at minus 60 c (140 Fahrenheit) and will only melt at over 189 C (372 Fahrenheit) within this temperature range, it will always keep its perfect shape.
Rilsan is resistant to insects, termites, fungus, mould and tropical climates.

Raw Rattan is steamed, bent and assembled into chair frames by hand. Covered in a clear weatherproof boat Marine varnish.

Our seat underneath frame is Maple wood to add further support.

The Rilsan color will neither wear out nor fade, because the dye are injected throughout the mass while still liquid.

Maintenance and cleaning:
Once a year just hose down your chairs or give them a shower!
If the chairs are used outdoor the Marine varnish can easily be reapplied About every two years, or as needed.

Always check the bottom legs, to verify that rubber nails are not missing. If one or two are missing, they can be purchased at any hardware store. By having the 4 rubber nails at the bottom, the chairs don’t get stressed Being uneven.